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The Czech Waste Management Association (ČAOH)

The Czech Waste Management Association (ČAOH)

The Czech Waste Management Association (ČAOH) is the largest association of major businesses in the field of waste management in the Czech Republic. Our members provide services for everything from waste pick-up, collection and disposal to waste recycling and utilization.


The Czech Waste Management Association was found in 1997 as a result of the positive experience of working with functioning waste management private sector businesses in other European countries. The private companies which founded the ČAOH did so in order to help solve the major common environment-related problems in the Czech market in spite of their ongoing commercial competition among themselves.

Since then, we have managed to build a strong and successful association. Today, we represent the interests of our 60 to 80 members.   Together, these firms control more than a half of the private waste management market in the Czech Republic.


The ČAOH helps to ensure that its members all have the same market conditions. The ČAOH standpoints and goals are published on this website, in professional journals as well as at seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. Our members receive important information from the Czech Parliament, the Czech Ministry of Environment and other relevant state institutions.  Additionally, we provide information about domestic and foreign professional events, professional press news and other events. Our members may also attend professional internal meetings on specific topics and they can participate in the formulation of the mutual standpoints of the ČAOH. To see the list of our current members, click here: Členové.

Presently, the annual turnover all of our members has exceeded 16.5 billion CZK.  They provide their services to about 74,000 companies and organizations as well as to millions of citizens through their contracts with various municipalities across the Czech Republic.

Our members employ approximately 7,000 people in more than 220 waste management locations.  Also, they own a significant portion of the processing and terminal waste management equipment in the Czech Republic.


The main role of the ČAOH is to embrace, support and represent the common interests of its members, to help them to sustain their successful businesses and to organize their active co-operation.  This co-operation includes:   

• Providing support in the terms of the implementation of the latest technology standards and following valid legislation regulations.

• Representing the common interests regarding the authorities, other associations and other private and public institutions that could have impact on Czech waste management.

• Supporting the active co-operation during the creation of laws or other legislation rules that may affect our members’ businesses.  We do this by focusing on the simplification and unification of such regulations and reduction of the administrative issues.

• Publishing and educational activities.

• Promoting a general laissez-faire approach and principle to achieve the best competitive market conditions in the waste management field.

• Enforcing meaningful strategies of waste management treatment while taking into consideration their long-term economic effectiveness.


• Formulation of mutual comments and conceptual materials for upcoming legislative regulations.

• Lobbying for the mutual opinion and interest of our members during the legislation preparation process.

• Ongoing communication with state institutions (i.e. the Czech Ministries, Parliament and Senate, county councils, audit institutions, etc.) and other professional associations and chambers, on both central and regional levels.

• Participation in professional conferences and seminars and the organizing of our own professional events.

• Presentation of our standpoints, comments and interests to the media.

Other Services Offered

• Legislation Consultations:  The ČAOH offers, both our members and non-members, consultations to answer their particular questions related to legislation interpretation. The answers are evaluated and annotated by our senior consultants with long experience in waste management legislation.

• Association Intranet:  An extensive and frequently updated source of professional information available to all members of the ČAOH.

• Advertising:  Our members are offered the option to advertise their services on the ČAOH website via ad-banners. This will ensure the accurate targeting of the presented information to the professional audience visiting our website.  This is a paid service.

For more detailed information, please contact:

Petr Havelka

Ing. Petr Havelka

executive director of The Czech Waste Management Association

Email: havelka@caoh.cz

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Česká asociace odpadového hospodářství

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